Backend Software Engineer, US | Work Visa Sponsorship 

This client is seeking a competent backend developer with expertise in Rails and AWS. You will be in charge of key product contributions, rapid prototyping, and production-level problems like infrastructure and security. As a backend engineer for a finance company that is fast growing, you will have an impact, but it necessitates a divided personality. For extraordinary talent, the company is willing to sponsor H1-B visas and US green cards.


  • A B.A., B.S., or M.S. degree in Computer Science, or solid self-taught computer science basics
  • Experience with Rails is preferred but not necessary. 
  • Minimum of 4 years of expertise in the sector, with proof of depth and range of product impact. 
  • A capacity for data analysis and information extraction for business objectives.
  • Ability to effectively solve problems in fields unrelated to your specialization. 
  • Possess the passion to develop close relationships with colleagues in the startup industry. 


This role allows successful candidates to work with serial entrepreneurs that have developed powerful consumer brands and ground-breaking products in this consumer fintech firm that is backed by some of Silicon Valley’s leading VCs. 

The company places a high priority on an extreme sense of ownership, effective communication, a keen eye for detail, and the desire to forge long-lasting professional connections. It is possible to create a firm that is both fascinating and has a genuine influence on customers.

  • Pay is competitive and experience-based.
  • There is coverage for medical, dental, and vision insurance – Kikoff pays the employee’s entire health insurance premium!
  • Stock options are available
  • Generous, unrestricted vacation policy to aid in your rejuvenation.
  • For extraordinary talent, the client is willing to sponsor H1-B visas and green cards in the United States.

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