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To meet its expansion needs, Overleaf is looking for a capable Product Manager to lead its research and development initiatives in one of its domains (Editor, B2B growth, Institutions, and Enterprise). For both the hosted SaaS and on-premises products, you will be in charge of researching, understanding users’ needs, and providing them with value while enhancing their processes. As part of a Product Trio (Product, UX, Engineering, and others), you will map potential outcomes using product discovery approaches and develop your roadmap and KPIs. You will be in charge of all duties relating to your expertise area from start to finish.


Understand user needs

  • Recognize chances to fulfill user needs through primary research to understand their needs and pain areas.
  • Develop our extensive user insight database, mine data as necessary, and deliver it to stakeholders in diverse contexts.
  • Create hypotheses to be tested using various qualitative and quantitative techniques based on research discoveries.

Shape and develop solutions:

  • Create a vision, specify the issue, and bring the team together with specific objectives, user stories, and targets.
  • Use a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques to map and test assumptions.
  • Consolidate the facts from previous user research to assist the team in making the best choices.
  • From planning through constructing, testing, and delivering, work collaboratively with engineers, data analysts, and UX designers.
  • Set clear criteria for success in A/B testing, combining the demand for accuracy with the need to deliver value to users immediately.
  • Regularly acknowledge and celebrate accomplishments while encouraging a growth mindset in the face of setbacks.
  • Lead and coordinate planning meetings with the team to determine priorities, frequently utilizing decision-making frameworks (e.g., RICE).
  • Inform other stakeholders of your efforts regularly, using presentations, Show & Tells, and demos.

Understand the Business

You will interact with a core department, such as the sales and account management teams, for the B2C growth or institutional/enterprise core area.

  • Create and maintain a robust product roadmap for your area of expertise.
  • Map out opportunities and handle feedback from your stakeholders to continuously improve the brand’s offering.
  • Before debut, clearly describe the company roadmap and any product modifications, and assist in managing customer communications.
  • Participate in webinars, sales discussions, or client onboarding sessions and take advantage of the time to do user research.

Collaborate with other departments

  • Assist them in obtaining and comprehending product information (e.g., releases for our On-Premises product, key features, product roadmap).
  • Describe the implications of technological dependencies on our roadmap.
  • Give them access to product metrics and data so that they may gain knowledge for their departments.
  • Engage stakeholders with our ongoing user research efforts and insights by bringing the user’s perspective to meetings.

Planning and strategy

  • Participate in regular planning sessions and add your ideas to the primary product roadmap.
  • Every year, create a set of strategic objectives and KPIs for your primary area, keeping stakeholders informed of your progress.

The Ideal Candidate

  • Experienced: You have experience in the field of product management. You can transition between managing demanding stakeholders and working with the engineering team to resolve technical trade-offs, always focusing the attention on our long-term vision and delivering user value.
  • Technical: You are knowledgeable about LaTeX and its use in academics and business, or you are prepared to learn more about it. Additionally, you are aware of the distinctions between SaaS products and their on-premises counterparts and the underlying technologies, such as Docker.
  • Commercial in outlook: You have business experience working for an enterprise or a B2C SaaS product. For instance, you can evaluate user research results via a business lens to expand the company while providing value to users.
  • Empathetic: You are interested in people and their experiences and can understand the user and stakeholder needs while maintaining the flexibility to object or compromise as required.
  • Data-driven: You like figuring out ways to gauge success and analyzing data to reach choices. You are confident in making conclusions and sharing them with your stakeholders, whether from a survey, database, or user interview.
  • Self-motivated. You naturally excel at organizing people, keeping them on task, and thriving when you witness a vision come to pass.


  • At least three to four years of experience in the field.
  • Availability to work full-time.
  • Availability to work between the brand’s core hours of 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. UK time.
  • Location in the US, Canada, the EU, or the UK.


  • Remote and flexible work schedule
  • Pay ranges from £50k to £75k annually, based on experience level.
  • You will be a part of a small, devoted, expanding team.
  • Your work will frequently be on open-source code since Overleaf is mostly open-source (around 80%).
  • Scheduled team and corporate get-togethers multiple times a year to maximize face-to-face time.
  • Provision of a brand-new Mac, PC, or Linux laptop and a stipend for extra gear.
  • Budget and time for training. Many developers opt to attend pertinent industry conferences or purchase training materials with these.

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